#29: Dion Von Moltke – Shaving seconds off race times through online coaching

Dion von Moltke

Host: Jai Shukla    Guest: Dion von Moltke

Q1 — So, how did you get started with Racers360 and online coaching?

After racing for ten years, and as it tends to happen, opportunities were starting to diminish, Dion Von Moltke began coaching as an offset to the situation. Drivers were recording their races and analyzing their performance, and he had the idea that he could have the drivers upload their videos online and get personalized coaching remotely.


Q2 — How are you able to get the coaching costs so low?

It gets rid of travel expenses for the coaches and gives amateur drivers a lower cost barrier of entry to professional coaching. It’s essentially a win-win for everyone involved and has had proven results, the average driver is picking up an average of one second after just one session


Q4 — You said your father is one of your biggest fans and had asked you, “Is this what you want to do?” Is this a question that you use with your students to gauge their seriousness in the sport?

Honestly, no, because most of their students are in the amateur ranks and are simply driving, at the end of the day, for fun. However, for the student that is looking to make a career out of racing, then yes, he would.


Q5 — Where is your biggest source of motivation for coaching coming from?

Dion feels passionate about ending the high cost of entry for drivers to get professional advice, giving all drivers access to great, affordable coaching.


Q6 — What is the definition of a good day for you?

When drivers tell their coach they just shaved off a couple of seconds on a lap or just set a new track record. The results get them more passionate and excited about the sport and only encourages them to continue driving.


Q7 — How did your original vision for this company compare to how you see your business now?

The original goal was to see how we could make this sport grow. He knew that by making it easier to find events and being able to register easily, it would get more amateurs involved. Later on, the company ended up launching a small coaching program to bring in extra revenue and what they found was that the amount of success coming from their education program was so great that he decided that this was what he needed to be focusing on.


Q8 — Do you feel more relaxed now that you’re no longer driving and dealing with the immense pressure that it entails?

He admits that for him driving is the greatest feeling in the world. He doesn’t call himself retired yet and if the right opportunity came about he’d happily jump on the chance, no questions asked.


Q9 — Being a driver can be incredibly nerve-racking, worrying about when certain things will end, be it a race, a sponsorship, or a career. How were your methods of dealing with that? 

Dion is a big believer in meditation and related breathing exercises. He comments that when you focus on the breath correctly, it’s quite difficult to think about anything else. Also just as important is learning to let go of what you can’t control. This happens when you realize your goal and realize the rest is meaningless.


Q10 — That you’ve been so successful and the fact that so many people around the world want to be where you are, is that extra pressure of judgment something you’ve had to deal with?

Dion doesn’t acknowledge added stress, just increased motivation. That he feels lucky to be where he makes him hungrier to utilize the opportunities he’s been given to their very fullest.


Q11 — And what do you do to let go?

Not worrying about what you can’t control. Dion believes that once something is over, there’s nothing you can do about. You have to focus solely on the next goal or action and be giving it the best of your abilities, and the only way to give your best is to not focus on what you can’t control, the past.

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