#1: Joey Gase – How racing is about more than driving

Joey Gase

Podcast with Host: Jai Shukla & Guest: Joey Gase

Q1 – Making a real difference

Brain aneurysm caused the passing away of his mother and she was an organ donor.

Joey Gase puts honorary photos of people on his race car and ask people to paint his car with handprints and tries to bring about awareness to help the – 150,000 people in the USA on the waitlist.

Q2 – The dream

Racing in Daytona 500 – this has been his dream as a kid from Iowa – and sometimes getting flashbacks of seeing the races you see as a kid and then participating in them is surreal.

Q3 – Pressure

It’s always there when you are a driver but when you drive your just in your zone focussing on one thing and everything else just goes away.

Q4 – What’s real-life like?

Lots of stuff going on the business side from keeping the sponsors, going to sponsored events, to appearances and media all throughout the week. Training 3 to 4 times a week working on neck muscles, core muscles, and reaction time.

Q5 – Training

Sunglasses which cut out the vision so you have to catch a ball with only seeing for part of a flight and predicting trajectory. Visual improvements including peripheral vision. Even when tired being able to concentrate. 3-5 hours of racing and a split second could mean your career is over so mental stability is as important as physical if not more.

Q6 – Lessons

Always keep digging. Never give up. Staying balanced. Never go crazy.

Q7 – Something Personal

Shy guy. Hard-working. But racing is such a physical sport which isn’t obvious to a lot of people so staying calm is something he’s good at!


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