The big ideas

Imagine if you equipped cars with sensors that would capture data and convert it into a universal language of performance, making it possible for the very first time to accurately compare the performance of two different drivers on two different tracks?
What if you then stored all that data – from thousands of drivers, cars, and tracks – on a blockchain network: the data-rich and secure building blocks used for cryptocurrency, to create a global motorsport database that has never been seen before?
And what if this giant database, later on, offered even more innovative opportunities for racers and fans, connected through the RaceCoin social community?
It might seem like science fiction. But it's deceptively simple in reality.
RaceCoin Building the platform
RaceCoin The big ideas

Building the platform

RaceCoin is an entirely new platform, on which drivers and fans can interact. Not just that, but people can race anywhere at any time, with no limits. Exciting, isn’t it? As you read this, all the hardware and software to make it happen is being finalized. We aim at partnering with more than 40 race tracks and 5000 drivers within the next few years. On top of that, aggressive expansion is planned even further into the future. That’s why we call it a racing revolution. The future, right now. And we’d like to invite you to be a part of it from the very beginning.


RaceCoin Roadmap

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