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Formel-1-Saison 2021 – Was verändert sich?

Formel 1 2021 – Was verändert sich?

Die Formel-1-Saison 2021 startet so langsam, die ersten Tests in Bahrain beginnen am 12. März. Hier sind 4 Dinge, die sich in der kommenden Saison ändern. Streckenveränderungen […]

Marvin Dienst racedriver

Marvin Dienst: Every race could be your last

There’s a common theme in professional sports; the higher up the ladder you go, the pricier it gets. Athletes, for example, need to pay their way to […]

race track corners

Going round the bend – The world’s most difficult race track corners

Almost any good racetrack has its challenging corners. Ones that are especially tricky to get right, or ones that can bite when it all goes wrong. We’ve […]

Le Mans nick wuestenhagen dskev

Why Le Mans isn’t the toughest 24-hour challenge in racing

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is often proclaimed as the pinnacle of endurance racing. The French classic is the world’s longest-running sports car race and is […]

andre lotterer le mans

From privateer to winner at Le Mans

Being the underdog was once a familiar feeling for three-time Le Mans winner Andre Lotterer. The German driver made solid progress in junior single seaters and was […]

Facing the challenge on two wheels

Facing the challenge on two wheels

Motorsport, and RaceCoin, isn’t just about four wheels. It’s even harder to compete on two. If you’re starting out in bike racing, the biggest challenge is finding […]

matthias dahm motorcycles

At the centre of operations

To do anything successfully, you need to have a passion for it. That’s the best form of motivation to be sure of doing the best job possible. […]

How phantom racing helps hobby racers live their passion

How Phantom Racing helps hobby racers live their passion

Gentleman or hobby drivers are the backbone of motorsport competition around the world, but they face a number of issues that can hamper their enjoyment of the […]

How to become a good driver

How to become a good driver

Here’s the answer to the question that everyone embarking on a racing career wants to know: how do I become a good driver? Some would say that […]

How to become the perfect Gentleman Racer

How to become the perfect Gentleman Driver

The typical image of a racing driver is of a superstar who earns millions in every race, who was born to drive and who has been doing […]

How to get to the top of rallying!

How to get to the top of rallying!

Rallying: a discipline of motorsport that many seem to either shy away from or hold in low regard. Go out on a stage or two though, and […]


Lighting the fire in Azerbaijan

This weekend, Formula 1 races at the most unusual street circuit of the year, perhaps of all time. The Baku City Circuit in Azerbaijan features a two-kilometer […]


Getting the message across

The lifeblood of motorsport is publicity – as without media exposure, a driver’s career can falter, and sponsors don’t get the coverage they need to justify their […]

steven odendaal

Steven Odendaal: Making it in Europe is tough

Motorsport is very much a global sport, enjoyed by people around the world. But the opportunities to compete at the highest level are not the same all […]

most circuit

Making the Most of RaceCoin

It’s full speed ahead for the team at RaceCoin, with work ongoing to develop the prototype Phantom Racing system. A key process alongside that is securing partnerships […]

Should young drivers still aspire to race in Formula 1?

Should young drivers still aspire to race in Formula 1?

It has long been the case that most young up-and-coming racing drivers dream of competing in Formula 1 above anything else, and plan their careers with that […]

bilster berg

RaceCoin takes to the track!

The RaceCoin team has hit another important target, confirming that the roadmap laid out to bring this ground-breaking product to market is being adhered to perfectly. With […]

Mattia Rally Championship

Rallying to the top: Mattia Vita

The roadmap to stardom is a well-recognized one for circuit racers – karting, Formula 4, Formula 3, Formula 2, then Formula 1 – but what about rally […]

scuderia ferrari testing barcelona

Formula 1 in 2019 – What do we know so far?

The 2019 Formula 1 season is underway, with testing in Barcelona completed and the Australian Grand Prix just around the corner. So what do we know so […]

FuturoCoin RedBull sponsoring

FuturoCoin arrives in Formula One as first cryptocurrency

The link between blockchain technology and motorsport took another step recently when Red Bull announced Formula 1’s first ever cryptocurrency sponsorship. The FuturoCoin cryptocurrency will have its […]

Phantom Racing app testing

Phantom Racing takes to the streets

Phantom Racing is a go! Or at least, the very first stages of it. This week marked an important moment in the evolution of this revolutionary concept. […]

Lorenzo Colombo When talent is not enough in motorsport

Lorenzo Colombo: When talent is not enough

Lorenzo Colombo is an 18-year-old Italian driver who hails from close to the famous Monza circuit. Last year, Lorenzo made a strong impression as a rookie. He […]

motorsport funding

How drivers can fund their racing

Motorsport is an expensive activity. Successful professional drivers earn millions but attempting to climb the ladder as an up-and-coming driver can cost a similar figure. Therefore, one […]


The other side of the coin

Meet Joachim: a man aiming to revolutionize motorsport thanks to ‘Phantom Racing’, which allows drivers to race against anyone, anywhere in the world — but not necessarily at the […]

Another year, another show: Motorsport International

Another year, another show: Autosport International

Showing off Every January, the Autosport International show in Birmingham, England, marks the beginning of the motorsport season. Formula 1 drivers past and present often draw in […]

Blockchain not just for cryptocurrency

Blockchain: not just for cryptocurrency

Think blockchain, and you automatically think of the building blocks of cryptocurrency: the untouchable safe-like system where data can be securely stored to carry out and record […]

RaceCoin – the Story so far in 2018

RaceCoin – the Story so far in 2018

Christmas is traditionally the time to look back on what has gone before and reflect on what is still to come. At RaceCoin, we’re no different. So […]

young driver

How to climb the motorsport career ladder

Young driver programs One of the best ways to climb the motorsport ladder on talent alone is to join a young driver program run by one of […]

Jack Aitken Formula 2

Educating your way to the top: Jack Aitken

Formula 2 driver Jack Aitken hasn’t made as many headlines as some of his contemporaries, but that is beginning to change as his career gains momentum from […]

From virtual to reality - How esports is changing the face of motorsport

From virtual to reality – How esports is changing the face of motorsport

Motorsport is rapidly embracing the world of esports. Logically so, because it’s a sport that perhaps translates better from reality into virtual and vice-versa better than any […]

Macau F3

Macau – More than just another race

A jewel in the crown of motorsport Every driver has pivotal moments in their careers: the successes or failures that make or break them. And some events […]

Two young drivers shaking hands

The next generation of racing – How RaceCoin supports young drivers

If you’re a young driver, how do you climb to the top of the tree? The challenges facing young drivers these days are greater than ever, and […]

Motorsport in Britain  -  How RaceCoin will benefit it

Motorsport in Britain –  How RaceCoin will benefit it

Britain has one of the most active motorsport communities in the world. British motorsport’s governing body has issued more than 50,000 active racing licenses (excluding the 23,000 […]

Why motorsport needs blockchain

Why motorsport needs blockchain

And how RaceCoin is going to revolutionize the way you race RaceCoin is built on a blockchain platform — but what exactly does that mean? While this new […]