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Each week we’ll be talking to personalities from the world of motorsport – across all categories, ages and standings. You’ll hear about the exciting world of motorsport from the inside, learn about how young racers are making it up the motorsport ladder and how more experienced ones have succeeded. The personal stories behind a racing career and much more – that’s the RaceCoin podcast.

#14: Mark Shulzhitskiy – the first russian LMP1 driver

Mark was the first Russian to compete in LMP1. He hasn’t had the easiest route to there and has had to find ways where he can while living in a country where racing wasn’t possible to pursue. His top tip is to drive as much as you can whenever you get the opportunity and if it’s something you want to do – make sure you go for it.

#13: David Cheng – how he met and created a motorsport team with Jackie Chan

When you wake up one day and go to lunch and find Jackie Chan there and then strike up a conversation which leads to getting your own team with him – it sounds like a dream. But David Cheng has made it works by starting off with 2 jobs during the summer to work his way up to owning his own team and competing at races like Le Mans. Check out this podcast to hear the story of how he met Jackie Chan and what led to their collaboration.

#12: Renger van der Zande – How you can have nothing but create something

During the financial crisis, Renger lost his sponsors, had no job, had to drive for free but with the right mindset found opportunities to create an insurance business which then lead to a huge opportunity to work with the manufacturers and teams again. Now – driving his favorite the Cadillac – Renger describes how he splits time between family, business and motorsport.

#11: Steven Odendaal – If you fall off your bike, get back on!

Falling off the bike is going to happen at some point in your life. How you get back on it, what you do to still improve when you are down. How you change your mentally, when you are down and things aren’t going your way is what separates you. Steven talks about his injuries, hardships and successes and how he has managed to develop mental character and real grit in his lowest of times.

#10: Alexandra Schieren – How PR can change your life in motorsport

PR has many parts to it but the main job of a PR agency is to convey the message you want about you to the world, rather than any old message. Alexandra takes us through her journey into PR and how she helps clients at the highest levels in motorsport find their USP and govern the message in the media.

#9: Amber Balcaen – Being a female in the motorsport industry – never give up

Amber talk through her tough journey as a 10-year-old getting sponsorship and working on the go-kart to now still working hard at securing millions through sponsorship to give herself the opportunity to race. She wants to inspire other female drivers and show them it’s possible if you put your mind and heart into it and shares 1 tip – Never give up.

#8: Blake Koch – One door closes and one opens

It’s never too late to start doing what you love. And if one door closes – one will open. You have to put in the work and that’s what Blake talks about in this podcast – what he had to do to make doors open for him. Blake’s honesty and openness really shine through as he talks about the hardships he had to face when racing.

#7: Joao Barbosa – Taking chances

Living above the shop where you work, traveling around from the age of 13 to live your dream, were just some of the things Joao had to do to become a pro racer. It takes all year round training, taking chances by going to the US and working with your team to build relationships outside the track to win on the track. Check out his journey to success.

#6: Toni Calderon – Partner @ Speed Group and Executive Producer of Gentlemen’s Driver

Recently he released a documentary called The Gentlemen’s Driver, where he describes the getting funding for his documentary in 3 days and what it takes to create it.

#5: Mike Guasch – CEO and Gentleman’s Driver

Recently he released a documentary called The Gentlemen’s Driver, where he describes the discipline it takes to create over 20 business with 10 failed ones, from coming dead last in his 20’s he’s managed to climb your way to 1st place in Le Mans in 2016. Real focus.

#4: Marvin Dienst – You have no control over your mind

Marvin shares the moments that changed his life at Mclaren aged 13 and how that has led to his victories on the track. He’s able to really dig in, to share real truths about his life about how he overcomes his own personal challenges and handles the pressure of everything. Lastly, he talks about his idol Alex Zanardi who crashed and lost both his legs yet went on to win numerous races in many different sports.

#3: James Allen – How to train to become a racing driver

James talks about how he got into racing and came 5th in his debut race in Le Mans. He digs into what sort of qualities someone should look for when trying to find a team and continues to train hard in pursuit of living his dream.

#2: Niclas Jonsson – From 9 months living in a rental car to living his dream as a professional racer

Having been in the racing industry for 46 years, he is a true veteran in the game. Now whilst still competition at the highest level, he is teaching others the ropes about what it really takes and improving others to hit their potential.

#1: Joseph Gase – How racing is about more than driving

Joey has been a racer since he was a kid and learnt the art of balancing the pressure of life and racing. As a professional racer in Daytona 500 he shares his journey, of how he became an advocate for organ donation and his lessons.