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Each week we’ll be talking to personalities from the world of motorsport – across all categories, ages and standings. You’ll hear about the exciting world of motorsport from the inside, learn about how young racers are making it up the motorsport ladder and how more experienced ones have succeeded. The personal stories behind a racing career and much more – that’s the RaceCoin podcast.

#33 Sabine Schmitz – Top Gear presenter shares her journey after winning Nürburgring

Sabine Schmitz is an ex motorsport racer and TV reality star. Aside from placing first on some of the hardest tracks such as Nurburgring, she has managed to live a life that involves so many things she is passionate about. Go get your headphones as Sabine dishes out some intriguing answers about Top Gear and how she turned her passion into a reality. #NoFilter for her when she’s on set!

#32 Ben Hurst – 3 tips: Get a notebook, hardwork and never give up

Ben Hurst is an Aston Martin Academy driver competing in the British GT from Canada. He has a degree in Sports management. He has successfully leveraged this knowledge to secure sponsors. We hear him speak on how good preparation helps a racing driver handle the pressure of race day. He was generous to share tips on how to get started as a wannabe race driver. Do you want to know what is in the mind of a race champion on a race day? This podcast is definitely for you!

#31 Mike Skeen – A reality TV star making a name for himself in racing

Mike Skeen might be one of the few reality stars to make a name for himself in racing. While his dad was into cars, it’s clearly the sheer hard-work ethic and determination that leads Mike to compete and win in a plethora of races. We hear about why he loves the new technology allowing digital driver coaching and how off-the-track duties hold more importance than simply driving ability.

#30: Kelvin Van Der Linde – Opening the gates for South African Racers

Kelvin van der Linde joins the RaceCoin podcast to chat humble origins in South Africa, the dream of winning Le Mans, and post-career goals.

#29: Dion Von Moltke – Shaving seconds off race times through online coaching

Racing driver, professional coach, and entrepreneur Dion von Moltke joins the program and gets in-depth about his online coaching service, the power of focus, and his passion for getting more amateurs immersed in racing.

#28: Kaz Grala – Breaking every single title as he races

Kaz Grala has unbelievably been racing since he was four years old! Not professionally, of course, but Kaz still has set countless records for entering and winning events at tender young ages. Listen to how his parents immigrated to the United States so his dad could buy a car, dealing with the highs and lows of racing, and how he loves “being in the zone.”

#27: Derrike Cope – 40 years in racing, racer, manager and owner, what a journey!

Derrike Cope has nearly four decades in the industry from driving race cars to managing and owning several teams and companies. We hear from Derrike what it’s like managing a racing team with his wife, still racing after 40 years, and why he believes he should have beaten Dale Earnhardt in the 1998 Daytona 500.

#26: Andy Pilgrim – $100 in his pocket when he got to the US – now a racing legend

Today we speak with Andy Pilgrim, who went from living in squalor to leading an extremely successful racing career spanning multiple decades. He talks about his non-profit foundation for drivers, what it was like moving to America, and the passion he has for racing that led him to where he is today.

#25: Pierre Kaffer: Want to drive on frozen lakes in the Swedish Laplands?

Pierre Kaffer comes to the podcast to talk about his humble beginnings in Germany, go-karting as a kid, and his first sponsorships. Find out how his love of people is actually his biggest strength in racing, how he organizes ice races on a frozen lake in Sweden, and the one former great he’d love to have a chat with.

#24: Iker Lecuona: His father was his inspiration. Racing was in his DNA

Riding since the age of 9, Iker understands the importance of team-based support and improvement. Hear about his first podium finish, his love for his team, and how his father’s biking DNA changed his life.

#23: Darren Turner: Cheeky promises get him the opportunity of a lifetime

Racing veteran Darren Turner joins the show to chat about winning Le Mans, what he’d be doing if he wasn’t racing and his love for yachts. He talks about traveling the world and how the newer generation of drivers bring new skills to the game. Darren truly has racing in his blood and it shines through in our one-on-one interview.

#22: Dominique Aegerter – Daily effort to make your dreams come true

Dominique started his racing at a very young age which had led him to major championships. He was positive throughout his career with all the help from his family. He had developed certain skills and strategies which were very effective in his career as a Motor Cycle Racer. From his training to his mental thinking he had prove that it’s not impossible to tackle whatever you want to achieve in life.

#21: Anthony Peacock – PR lesson no.1 – never lie

Anthony Peacock has spent many years as a motorsport journalist, later transitioning into public relations and starting his own PR company. He reveals tricks of the trade, what drivers can do to be more marketable and stand out, bizarre driver stories from over the decades, and how he’s even branching out into the catering world.

#20: Adderly Fong – The Hong Kong racing scene

Adderly started out in a sport as a driver which was unknown to many in his country with minimal opportunity. He used social media to reach out to a lot of people which was very helpful to his career. Building  up connections with people has been instrumental in his career. Even though he had questioned his ability, he never failed in accomplishing his goals.

#19: Oswaldo Negri – How his prayers won him the lottery!

One of the Brazilian top drivers, Oswaldo Negri Jr, has overcome many barriers which led him to have a positive outlook in his career. He not only races, but he still motivates and encourages others through coaching. Learn in this podcast how his faith in prayer had helped him in a major way at the start of his career.

#18: Xavier Maassen describes his journey of consciousness and self-discovery

Xavier really digs deep into his past of approval seeking from parents, his journey of self-discovery and how you can conquer fear. As a consciousness coach, he tries to connect with others to try and ask questions which open their eyes to a world of new possibilities and perspectives. His podcast shines a light on topics about learning more about yourself and how one can do that.

#17: Jeff Segal – a founder, driver and coach for Ferrari – shares his journey to success

There are plenty of drivers that don’t have the dedication but still get chances and there are those who try really hard and still don’t have it. So that says that if you try you may not get anything. But if you don’t try are guaranteed to not get anything. Jeff’s outstanding work ethic shines through in this podcast as he describes his journey to becoming someone who had opportunities. As a founder, a successful driver, a coach for Ferrari – he has really made a mark in the racing world and shares his thoughts and ideas on how you can do it too.

#16: Spencer Pumpelly – husband, father, racer, pilot, musician, vegan and athlete – how to balance them all

Watching your dad compete in Daytona and then one day going onto win it was a dream come true. Spencer has a lot of hobbies and has managed to get a career in racing with many wins but tries not to define himself as just a driver with so many hobbies. As a husband, father, racer, pilot, musician, vegan and athlete – he describes how he balances it all.

#15: Miro, 57 year old Slovakian racer still winning races! | Motorsport Podcast

Miro walks us through his journey of amazing achievements in business and in motorsport. As a gentlemen driver – he’s had the opportunity to now finally spend most of his life doing what he loves and at the age of 57 he trains by playing ice-hockey! His amazing story of what you can do and how you are never too old is truly inspiring. Listen to the podcast to hear his jolly outlook on life and what experiences he’s had along the way.

#14: Mark Shulzhitskiy – the first russian LMP1 driver | Motorsport Podcast

Mark was the first Russian to compete in LMP1. He hasn’t had the easiest route to there and has had to find ways where he can while living in a country where racing wasn’t possible to pursue. His top tip is to drive as much as you can whenever you get the opportunity and if it’s something you want to do – make sure you go for it.

#13: David Cheng – how he met and created a motorsport team with Jackie Chan

When you wake up one day and go to lunch and find Jackie Chan there and then strike up a conversation which leads to getting your own team with him – it sounds like a dream. But David Cheng has made it works by starting off with 2 jobs during the summer to work his way up to owning his own team and competing at races like Le Mans. Check out this podcast to hear the story of how he met Jackie Chan and what led to their collaboration.

#12: Renger van der Zande – How you can have nothing but create something | Motorsport Podcast

During the financial crisis, Renger lost his sponsors, had no job, had to drive for free but with the right mindset found opportunities to create an insurance business which then lead to a huge opportunity to work with the manufacturers and teams again. Now – driving his favorite the Cadillac – Renger describes how he splits time between family, business and motorsport.

#11: Steven Odendaal – If you fall off your bike, get back on! | Motorsport Podcast

Falling off the bike is going to happen at some point in your life. How you get back on it, what you do to still improve when you are down. How you change your mentally, when you are down and things aren’t going your way is what separates you. Steven talks about his injuries, hardships and successes and how he has managed to develop mental character and real grit in his lowest of times.

#10: Alexandra Schieren – How PR can change your life in motorsport

PR has many parts to it but the main job of a PR agency is to convey the message you want about you to the world, rather than any old message. Alexandra takes us through her journey into PR and how she helps clients at the highest levels in motorsport find their USP and govern the message in the media.

#9: Amber Balcaen – Being a female in the motorsport industry – never give up

Amber talk through her tough journey as a 10-year-old getting sponsorship and working on the go-kart to now still working hard at securing millions through sponsorship to give herself the opportunity to race. She wants to inspire other female drivers and show them it’s possible if you put your mind and heart into it and shares 1 tip – Never give up.

#8: Blake Koch – One door closes and one opens | Motorsport Podcast

It’s never too late to start doing what you love. And if one door closes – one will open. You have to put in the work and that’s what Blake talks about in this podcast – what he had to do to make doors open for him. Blake’s honesty and openness really shine through as he talks about the hardships he had to face when racing.

#7: Joao Barbosa – Taking chances | Motorsport Podcast

Living above the shop where you work, traveling around from the age of 13 to live your dream, were just some of the things Joao had to do to become a pro racer. It takes all year round training, taking chances by going to the US and working with your team to build relationships outside the track to win on the track. Check out his journey to success.

#6: Toni Calderon – Partner @ Speed Group and Executive Producer of Gentlemen’s Driver

Recently he released a documentary called The Gentlemen’s Driver, where he describes the getting funding for his documentary in 3 days and what it takes to create it.

#5: Mike Guasch – CEO and Gentleman’s Driver | Motorsport Podcast

Recently he released a documentary called The Gentlemen’s Driver, where he describes the discipline it takes to create over 20 business with 10 failed ones, from coming dead last in his 20’s he’s managed to climb your way to 1st place in Le Mans in 2016. Real focus.

#4: Marvin Dienst – You have no control over your mind | Motorsport Podcast

Marvin shares the moments that changed his life at Mclaren aged 13 and how that has led to his victories on the track. He’s able to really dig in, to share real truths about his life about how he overcomes his own personal challenges and handles the pressure of everything. Lastly, he talks about his idol Alex Zanardi who crashed and lost both his legs yet went on to win numerous races in many different sports.

#3: James Allen – How to train to become a racing driver | Motorsport Podcast

James talks about how he got into racing and came 5th in his debut race in Le Mans. He digs into what sort of qualities someone should look for when trying to find a team and continues to train hard in pursuit of living his dream.

#2: Niclas Jonsson – From 9 months living in a rental car to living his dream as a professional racer

Having been in the racing industry for 46 years, he is a true veteran in the game. Now whilst still competition at the highest level, he is teaching others the ropes about what it really takes and improving others to hit their potential.

#1: Joseph Gase – How racing is about more than driving | Motorsport Podcast

Joey has been a racer since he was a kid and learnt the art of balancing the pressure of life and racing. As a professional racer in Daytona 500 he shares his journey, of how he became an advocate for organ donation and his lessons.