How Phantom Racing helps hobby racers live their passion

How phantom racing helps hobby racers live their passion

Gentleman or hobby drivers are the backbone of motorsport competition around the world, but they face a number of issues that can hamper their enjoyment of the sport, or even keep them away from the racetrack altogether. This is where RaceCoin comes in with its Phantom Racing platform, which will help solve a number of these problems.



One of the biggest issues for conventional motorsport is that of time. Races can only take place on certain days and at certain times, often only at weekends. This creates a limited number of slots in which it’s possible to go racing – due to supply and demand that can drive up the cost of staging and entering a race. Furthermore, these limited slots may not work around a particular driver’s lifestyle or work commitments, which may prevent them from taking part.



Another issue concerns space: every driver must be in the same place at the same time if they are to participate in a race. Most drivers, particularly if they don’t go racing for a living, are limited as to where they can feasibly travel to compete, whether they are constrained to racing within their own continent, country or state. Travel for motorsport is expensive and can be time-consuming, particularly if it involves transporting a vehicle or even a team between venues.

Together, these issues result in a limited and reduced number of opponents. Drivers can only know how they compare to a limited number of other competitors, and the lack of opponents can be so severe that drivers don’t have enough other drivers to race against in a suitable location with suitable vehicles.



Racing is expensive, there is no doubt about that. You need to have a suitable car, you need to buy and change tires or other parts, you have to pay for travel and accommodation if the race is not local. When moving up to the next level, you might even have to pay a mechanic or an engineer and a better car. Finding sponsors is not easy either, so most drivers at a hobby racers level will only do the odd race if and when they have the funds.


How Phantom Racing helps solve these issues

To help hobby racers, in particular, RaceCoin has developed its groundbreaking Phantom Racing. It solves the issues of comparability, timing, and budget all at once. This is thanks to a highly sophisticated app that will measure various parameters about the vehicle that a driver is racing and the environment they’re racing within. This data will be combined with the times recorded on the circuit and converted into points, similar to the handicap system used in golf. This is how drivers’ results will be comparable on the RaceCoin platform and ranked within a league system to show the best performers.


Race anybody, anywhere, anytime!

RaceCoin will bring several benefits to gentleman or hobby racers, helping them to further enjoy their passion. The Phantom Racing concept will enable drivers to challenge others from around the world and compare their performances. RaceCoin will also provide drivers with a new source of funding through a revenue share model that also includes racetracks and bettors. The blockchain-based platform will also better connect the global motorsport community, connecting drivers of all ages and backgrounds with fans, supporters, tracks and bettors.

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