#24: Iker Lecuona: His father was his inspiration. Racing was in his DNA

Iker Lecuona

Host: Jai Shukla & Guest: Iker Lecuona

Q1 — You got started at a pretty young age. Can you talk us through your journey of how you began riding motorcycles?

His father rode a bike his entire life, so Iker Lecuona wanted to try just for fun. It wasn’t long until the bug got the best of him.


Q2 — What made you want to turn your inspiration into a career?

He started to train at nine years old, although it was still just a hobby. He decided to turn it into a career after receiving his first sponsorship.


Q3 — One of the quotes you have is “Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.” Where did you get that from or was that something that you came up with?

Improvement is the top priority to Iker and he truly believes you should never stop reaching to be better.


Q4 — Unfortunately, crashing can be a big part of the sport. Can you talk us through some of the safety equipment you wear to prevent yourself from getting hurt?

Your helmet, your leather, everything is important. With proper gear, you can focus completely on the race and not be distracted by your safety. You end up driving much better, for sure.


Q5 — Can you talk us through how you overcome an injury after a crash?

Believe it or not, Iker Lecuona actually tries to do the area of the track he crashed on faster and harder the second time. If you harp on the crash and are afraid of the turn, your performance suffers. You have to go at it again with even more confidence. 


Q6 — You manage to get sponsorship and work with team KTM. How did that opportunity come about?

He still can’t believe it honestly. He admits that just getting better and better at racing led him to the team. He wants to stay with them since he loves being apart of the family and everyone on the team strives to improve together.


Q7 — Tell me what things about a team someone should look for? Or is it even possible to know before you start?

The most important thing to Iker is that the team acts as a family. The more it acts like one, the more beneficial it is for the rider. 


Q8 — With the knowledge, you have known, what advice would you give to yourself 10 years ago?

You have to enjoy the sport. If you are happy on the bike, you’ll never be stopped from improving. Riding can be difficult, especially at the top level. If you don’t enjoy riding, you’ll never succeed.


Q9 — You had your first podium win last year. Talk us through how that affects your confidence, your racing, and how you want to race in the future?

It was the best moment of his life. Since then, he assures us that he’s improved a ton and only looks to win a championship in the near future.


Q10 — You have a few decades ahead of you in racing. Looking ahead, how would you like to go out?

When age kicks in enough to stop riding, Iker Lecuona wants to teach riding to young riders, teaching and inspiring them the way his teachers did for him.

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