RaceCoin – the Story so far in 2018

RaceCoin – the Story so far in 2018

Christmas is traditionally the time to look back on what has gone before and reflect on what is still to come. At RaceCoin, we’re no different. So as everyone unwraps their presents, here are a few highlights of an amazing year that has brought the motorsport revolution even closer. Behind the scenes, we’ve been working hard on all the technology needed to bring phantom racing to life. As a result, the first prototype should be up and running by spring next year…


Technological development is on track

Our team of software developers and engineers are exactly on time and on budget (how often do you hear that in a new tech venture?) hitting every deadline and target. You can normally expect delays in a complex project of this nature, but so far, there hasn’t been one setback. That’s probably the single biggest highlight of the year!


We’re preparing to launch

It’s not long now before our first real prototype is up and running on track: just a matter of months. So, we’ve been preparing the circuit, the cars, and our test drivers for a special media event to mark the first milestone. More details to follow, but it’s going to be amazing.


The team has grown – and is still growing

A lengthy program of investment and recruitment has resulted in new faces appearing at RaceCoin almost every day, working in all roles ranging from technical to marketing to design. These people form a truly international roster of employees, selected not only for their talents but also for their capacity to innovate and collaborate. The recruitment drive isn’t over though, as we still need more people. Visit race-coin.io for more details.

People can’t wait to get their hands on the product

Before embarking on any adventure like this one, you have to be sure that people want it. And our extensive market research throughout 2018 has underlined the fact that the racing community can’t wait for RaceCoin to come to life. A real highlight of the year has been the interaction we’ve enjoyed with racers, fans, and circuits worldwide, who have provided us with so much encouragement and inspiration. It’s great to know that we’re delivering something that people really want to get their hands on.


We’re learning more all the time

Every day is a school day and we’ve been learning more all the time. As well as knowing what works, you have to know what’s worth waiting for – so for the time being, we’re not going to go ahead with an initial coin offering for the cryptocurrency. That’s not to say it won’t happen one day, but for now we’re going to focus on the core product: phantom racing. And we’ll still be using blockchain technology to transfer and store all the data.


We’ve enjoyed a great season of racing

To do anything successfully, first you have to be a fan of it. And above all, we’re passionate race fans. That’s why we’ve enjoyed an amazing season of Formula 1 from start to finish, with a great duel between Mercedes and Ferrari, and a nail-biting showdown in the World Rally Championship, with Sebastien Ogier clinching his sixth WRC title. We can’t wait for 2019 and another great season of motorsport: from Formula 1 to the grass roots.


Happy Holidays from the team at RaceCoin!

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